Get Ready for School Four of a Kind Games, Cards

Get Ready for School Four of a Kind Games Cards

Part of the Skills for Starting School series



Get Ready for School Games Four of a Kind supports your child's learning development through the early years.

These games guide your child's early learning and help you get them ready for school.

Each box includes cards and a booklet of games that your child can play to learn key skills and knowledge.

The colourful photographic cards will inspire and develop a confident, curious and capable child.

You'll love playing the games too! Get Ready for School is a new series of interactive books and playbooks that encourages the brightest and best start to learning for every child.

Key skills are developed through play, exploration, and hands-on experience.

Each element of the series, whether print or digital, will support active learning through creative thinking, boosting confidence, curiosity and independence.

The series provides a sold foundation in RAW (reading, arithmetic and writing) and supports emotional, social, and motor skills development.



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