Don Carlos, CD / Box Set

Don Carlos CD / Box Set


Track Listing

Disc 1
  1. Act II: Prelude
  2. Act I: Charles the Fifth, Our Mighty Lord
  3. Act I: And I Have Lost Her!
  4. Act I: There He Is! The Prince!
  5. Act I: But the King Has Not Yet Discovered Your Secret?
  6. Act I: God Who Has Brought Us Together
  7. Act I: Where the Pine Grove Is Green and Shady
  8. Act I: In the Marble Palace of the Moorish King
  9. Act I: The Queen!
  10. Act I: I'm So Eager to Hear the News You Bring
  11. Act I: Carlos My Friend, Hope of Our Future
  12. Act I: I Come Before the Queen and I Ask for a Favour
  13. Act I: Here Where I Stand Let the Earth Crack Asunder
  14. Act I: The King!
  15. Act I: Don't Weep, My Dear Companion
  16. Act I: Remain Here! I've Seen You at My Court
  17. Act I: O King, I Come Here from Flanders
  18. Act I: What Kind of Peace Is This You Give Your Subjects?
Disc 2
  1. Act II: Prelude
  2. Act II: At Midnight in the Garden of the Queen...
  3. Act II: Alas Your Youthful Mind Has No Idea
  4. Act II: Now He Has Scorned the Love I Gave Him
  5. Act II: Treacherous Son, Adult'rous Lover
  6. Act II: Today Is a Day of Gladness and Joy
  7. Act II: Let the Sacred Doors Now Be Opened
  8. Act II: O Heav'n! It's Carlos!
  9. Act II: Sire! I Have Something to Ask You!
  10. Act II: O Heav'n!
Disc 3
  1. Act III: Introduction
  2. Act III: She Has No Love for Me!
  3. Act III: I'll Only Sleep When I Am Laid to Rest
  4. Act III: The Grand Inquisitor
  5. Act III: In This Land of Spain No Heresy Has Thrived
  6. Act III: Your Highness I Ask for Justice!
  7. Act III: You Know Full Well, My Hand Was Plighted
  8. Act III: Accurst Be This Hour
  9. Act III: Forgive! Forgive and Pardon a Woman Who's Wronged You
  10. Act III: Oh Cruel Fate. Oh Hated Gift
  11. Act III: I'm Here My Carlos
  12. Act III: My Last Day Has Dawned Forever
  13. Act III: But Why Do You Speak of Death?
  14. Act III: O Carlos, Now Listen, Your Mother Awaits You
  15. Act III: Now I Die, Die Contented
  16. Act III: My Son I Return You Your Sword
  17. Act IV: Introduction
  18. Act IV: You, Who Spurned and Renounced All the World
  19. Act IV: France, My Noble Land, So Dear to Me in Childhood!
  20. Act IV: She's There!
  21. Act IV: We Shall Meet Not in This World
  22. Act IV: Yes, for Ever! A Double Sacrifice Is Needed!


  • Format: CD / Box Set
  • Label: Chandos Opera In English
  • Genre: Classical
  • Release Date:
  • Running Time (minutes): 167.19
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • EAN: 0095115316221


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