Nixon in China, CD / Album

Nixon in China CD / Album


Track Listing

Disc 1
  1. Act I Scene 1: Beginning
  2. Act I Scene 1: Soldiers of Heaven Hold the Sky
  3. Act I Scene 1: The People Are the Heroes Now
  4. Act I Scene 1: Landing of the Spirit of '76
  5. Act I Scene 1: Your Flight Was Smooth, I Hope?
  6. Act I Scene 1: News Has a Kind of Mystery
  7. Act I Scene 2: Beginning - I Can't Talk Very Well. My Throat...
  8. Act I Scene 2: You Know We'll Meet With Your Confrere, the Democratic Candidate
  9. Act I Scene 2: You've Said That There's a Certain Well-known Tree
  10. Act I Scene 2: Founders Come First, Then Profiteers
  11. Act I Scene 2: We No Longer Need Confucius
  12. Act I Scene 2: Like the Ming Tombs
  13. Act I Scene 3: Beginning - The Night Is Young
  14. Act I Scene 3: Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades and Friends
  15. Act I Scene 3: Mr. Premier, Distinguished Guests
  16. Act I Scene 3: Cheers!
Disc 2
  1. Act II Scene 1: Beginning - I Don't Daydream and Don't Look Back
  2. Act II Scene 1: Look Down at the Earth
  3. Act II Scene 1: This Is Prophetic!
  4. Act II Scene 1: At Last the Weather's Warming Up
  5. Act II Scene 2: Beginning - Young As We Are
  6. Act II Scene 2: O What a Day I Thought I'd Die!
  7. Act II Scene 2: Whip Her to Death!
  8. Act II Scene 2: Tropical Storm: There There, There There
  9. Act II Scene 2: Flesh Rebels
  10. Act II Scene 2: I Have My Brief
  11. Act II Scene 2: It Seems So Strange
  12. Act II Scene 2: I Am the Wife of Mao Tse-tung
Disc 3
  1. Act III: Beginning
  2. Act III: Some Men You Cannot Satisfy
  3. Act III: I Am No One
  4. Act III: The Maos Dance
  5. Act III: Sitting Around the Radio
  6. Act III: Let Us Examine What You Did
  7. Act III: When I Woke Up I Dimly Realized the Jap Bombers Had Given Us a Miss
  8. Act III: I Have No Offspring
  9. Act III: I Can Keep Still
  10. Act III: After That the Sweat Had Soaked My Uniform
  11. Act III: Peking Watches the Stars
  12. Act III: You Won at Poker
  13. Act III: I Am Old and I Cannot Sleep


  • Format: CD / Album
  • Label: Naxos
  • Genre: Classical
  • Release Date:
  • Running Time (minutes): 153.52
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • EAN: 0730099902274


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