Samuel Arnold: Polly, CD / Album

Samuel Arnold: Polly CD / Album


Track Listing

  1. Overture
  2. Noel Hills: He That Weds
  3. Polwart On the Green: Observe the Statesman's Ways
  4. Dr Arnold: She Who Hath Felt a Real Pain By Cupid's Dart
  5. Dr Arnold: Farewell, Farewell, Farewell, All Hope of Bliss!
  6. Dr Arnold: Despair Is All Folly
  7. Old Orpheus Tickl'd: When Billows Come Breaking On the Strand
  8. Christ-Church Bells: When a Woman Jealous Grows
  9. Cheshire-Rounds: When Kings By Their Huffing
  10. Johnny Fa': The Crow Or Daw
  11. Bury Fair: How Can You Be So Teazing
  12. March in Scipio: Brave Boys Prepare
  13. Jig-It-O'Foot: Better to Doubt All That's Doing
  14. Dr Arnold: Aboard After Misses Most Husbands Will Roam
  15. Tweedside: The Stag, When Chas'd
  16. Dances of the Pirates: I. March
  17. Dances of the Pirates: II. Hornpipe I
  18. Dances of the Pirates: III. Andante
  19. Dances of the Pirates: IV. Hornpipe II
  20. Dances of the Pirates: V. Allegro
  21. La Villanella: Why Did You Spare Him
  22. Dead March
  23. La Cavalliere: Patriots at First Declare
  24. Minuet: Cheer Up My Lads
  25. Dr Arnold: Shall I Not Be Bold When Honour Calls
  26. Peggy's Mill: When Gold Is in Hand
  27. Dr Arnold: Woman's Like the Flatt'ring Ocean
  28. The Boatman: Tho' Different Passions Rage By Turns
  29. Hunt the Squirrel: The World Is Always Jarring
  30. Dr Arnold: In Love and Life the Present Use
  31. Dr Arnold: We Never Blame the Forward Swain
  32. Dr Arnold: The Body of the Brave May Be Taken
  33. Excuse Me: Honour Calls Me
  34. Ruben: Honour Plays
  35. The Marlborough: We the Sword of Valour
  36. The Sportsmen Keep Hawks
  37. O Saw Ye My Father: Love With Beauty Is Flying
  38. Prince Eugene's March: When the Tyger Roams
  39. Kate of Aberdeen: The Turtle Thus Upon the Spray
  40. Dr Arnold: The Soldiers Who By Trade Must Dare
  41. Shall Man, in Arne's Abel: My Heart Forebodes
  42. Dances of the Indians: I. Allegro
  43. Dances of the Indians: II. Andante
  44. Dances of the Indians: III. Allegro
  45. Dances of the Indians: IV. Andante
  46. Dances of the Indians: V. Allegro
  47. The Temple: Justice Long Forbearing
  48. What Man Can Virtue Or Courage Repose
  49. I Hate the Foolish Elf
  50. Victory Is Ours


  • Format: CD / Album
  • Label: Naxos
  • Genre: Classical
  • Release Date:
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • EAN: 0730099024174


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