The Emerging Mind : The BBC Reith Lectures 2003, Paperback

The Emerging Mind : The BBC Reith Lectures 2003 Paperback



A scintillating introduction to the latest thinking on the brain and the mind by the world's leading expert.

Neuroscience can now begin to unlock the key to the self.

Our knowledge of the brain has progressed so rapidly that it will change the way we think of ourselves as human beings.

It will change our notion of understanding. This is a revolution which will have impact on all our lives. Neuroscientists are gathering new empirical evidence about consciousness and human nature; they are picking up where the great earlier thinkers like Freud, Darwin, Charcot and others began.

This evidence begins to give substance to some of the grand statements and intuitive leaps made in the nineteenth and early twentieth century about the nature of the self.




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