Experience the best cowboy films and stories from the wild west with our selection of western DVDs & Blu-rays.

George P. Cosmatos directs this Western starring Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer.

Hoping for a more prosperous lifestyle, retired lawman Wyatt Earp (Russell) moves to Tombstone, Arizona, where he meets up...

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The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino writes and directs this Western thriller featuring an all-star cast including Kurt Russell, Samuel L.

Jackson, Tim Roth and Walton Goggins. Set after the American Civil War, the film...

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Two Rode Together - The Masters of Cinema Series

John Ford directs this US Western starring James Stewart as a marshal of a small town in the 1880s.

Marshal Guthrie McCabe (Stewart) doesn't do much to earn his badge preferring to take money for...

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The Man from Laramie - The Masters of Cinema Series

Anthony Mann directs this Western starring James Stewart as a vengeful cow herder who arrives in New Mexico determined to find the man responsible for the death of his brother, who was shot down by...

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The Hired Hand

Western starring Peter Fonda as Harry, a drifter who, with his friend Archie (Warren Oates), has crossed the plains of America in search of a better life.

But tiring of the transient existence Harry...

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