Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System, Hardback Book

Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Hardback


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This comprehensive text on Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS) presents the fundamentals of the emerging technology of remote sensing combined with GIS.

It provides sufficient knowledge of these technologies applied in different fields avoiding voluminous details required at research level.

The first part introduces the basics of remote sensing leading up to data analysis.

An exhaustive discussion on various types of sensors and their uses has been included to make the readers understand clearly their utilities.

The second part presents the highly technical field of Geographic Information System, a tool that now finds applications in almost all fields of engineering, science, geography, planning, and decision-making.

KEY FEATURES: * Large number of case studies providing a framework for carrying out various studies in different fields using remote sensing and GIS. * A chapter on the future trends in the areas of remote sensing and GIS, to create awareness in the minds of the readers about recent developments taking place and to motivate them for carrying out research.