Syrian Refugees in Turkey : A Demographic Profile and Linked Social Challenges, Hardback Book

Syrian Refugees in Turkey : A Demographic Profile and Linked Social Challenges Hardback

Edited by Alanur Cavlin

Part of the International Population Studies series


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This book examines the changing demographic situation of Syrian refugeesand the host community in Turkey, one of the major refugee hosting countriesin the world, relying on a recent representative dataset. Conflicts and the resulting unrest force people to flee their countries andtake refuge in foreign lands.

Such refugee movements across the world haveincreased significantly in recent times.

Turkey accounts for the greatest refugeepopulation in the world today.

This has drastically impacted the Turkishdemographics, leading to different demographic situations in refugeecommunities in the country.

This book presents an in-depth research onthe impact of forced displacement on the demographic behaviour of Syrianrefugees in Turkey in general, and more specifically the way transformedfamily structures, unregistered children, fertility behaviours and earlymarriages impacted their lives.

The book also contributes to the existingknowledge and discourse on refugee integration by shedding light on theirexperiences related to access to labour market opportunities and educationopportunities, wellbeing and mobility.

It also helps in linking demographyof Syrian community to the socio-economic challenges in Turkey by meansof incorporating crucial demographic variables into the analysis. Offering valuable insights into various dimensions of life, this book hasan interdisciplinary appeal and will thus be a key resource for academicsand scholars of demography, refugee studies, migration studies and sociology. It will also be a valuable and unique reference work for people ingovernments, international agencies and non-governmental organizations.