Quasiconformal Maps and Teichmuller Theory, Hardback Book

Quasiconformal Maps and Teichmuller Theory Hardback

Part of the Oxford Graduate Texts in Mathematics series


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Based on a series of graduate lectures given by Vladimir Markovic at the University of Warwick in spring 2003, this book is accessible to those with a grounding in complex analysis looking for an introduction to the theory of quasiconformal maps and Teichmuller theory. Assuming some familiarity with Riemann surfaces and hyperbolic geometry, topics covered include the Groetzch argument, analytical properties of quasiconformal maps, the Beltrami differentialequation, holomorphic motions and Teichmuller spaces.

Where proofs are omitted, references to where they may be found are always given, and the text is clearly illustrated throughout with diagrams, examples, and exercises for the reader.