44 Scotland Street: Series 1-3 : Full-cast radio adaptations of the much-loved novels, CD-Audio Book

44 Scotland Street: Series 1-3 : Full-cast radio adaptations of the much-loved novels CD-Audio

Narrated by Carol Ann Crawford, Crawford Logan, Full Cast


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Alexander McCall Smith's delightful series of novels form the basis of these radio dramas featuring the inhabitants of an Edinburgh tenement building.

With its multiple-occupancy flats, Scotland Street is an interesting corner of Edinburgh's New Town.

Verging on the Bohemian, here the haute bourgeoisie rubs shoulders with students and the more colourful members of the intelligentsia.

In these three BBC Radio 4 series, Domenica MacDonald and Angus Lordie observe the lives of their neighbours in and around around 44 Scotland Street.

Pretty young Pat, a new tenant, arrives to flat-share with Bruce, a surveyor with an eye for the ladies.

Child prodigy Bertie, controlled by his pretentious and intellectual mother Irene, is learning the saxophone; he also speaks Italian, and is extremely knowledgeable about many subjects. And then there's Matthew, setting up the Something Special Gallery with little knowledge of artists or paintings!

Carol Ann Crawford and Crawford Logan star, with an extensive cast including James Mackenzie, Samuel Keefe and Anita Vettesse.

Adapted by Alexander McCall Smith from his bestselling books, which continue to delight readers around the world, these charming serials are full of novelty, humour and empathy.

Duration: 3 hours 30 mins approx.


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