Roma Traversata : Tracing Historic Pathways through Rome, Hardback Book

Roma Traversata : Tracing Historic Pathways through Rome Hardback


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Roma Traversata analyzes pathways to decipher the complexity of Rome's urban layout.

Nearly all of the prehistoric country paths converging on what was to become the Roman Forum (the ancient city center) are still traceable in the modern city.

To these were added other major streets in ancient times.

Additional Medieval and Renaissance streets developed the city further as its center shifted from the Forum toward the Vatican.

Some of these provided the framework for Rome's late 19th century urban development.

Ceen follows nine routes: three prehistoric, three ancient, and three post-classical pathways through the city, showing us that streets are not merely the space left over between buildings but have a formal character of their own and even determine certain aspects of buildings.

Rather than insisting upon the greater importance of streets over buildings, Ceen studies the interactions between buildings and public space, something he describes as urban reciprocity.

Profusely and beautifully illustrated, Roma Traversata shows that streets and pathways of Rome are not merely ways of getting from place to place.

They are places.


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