Pocket Park Design, Hardback Book

Pocket Park Design Hardback

Edited by Angus Bruce


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Urban planners have paid more attention to the concept of the pocket park as modern cities become denser and buildings taller.

As the pace of urbanisation accelerates and populations increase, particularly in larger cities, there becomes much less park space available for people to enjoy.

With less investment and area required, 'Pocket Parks' could provide a solution.

They fulfil the need for highly sought-after leisure spaces, which can operate in high-density city environments, bypassing the hurdle of space.

These beautiful green areas increase the ecological benefits of the urban environment, helping to enrich and satisfy the local residents' lives. Pocket Park Design introduces the outstanding landscape architects and designers who create pocket parks.

Pocket parks should be located where they are safe and convenient to access, as well as providing open spaces that are comfortable, functional, and pleasant for park visitors.

While the areas of a pocket park will generally cater to a variety of demographics, specific spaces or activity areas may be provided for dominant user groups, such as children, workers, or the elderly.

This book studies the pocket park's characteristics, as well as the relationship between humanity and the surrounding landscape.

It will be a great source of inspiration to landscape designers.