Institutional Change And China Capitalism: Frontier Of Cliometrics And Its Application To China, Hardback Book

Institutional Change And China Capitalism: Frontier Of Cliometrics And Its Application To China Hardback

Edited by Antoine (Sichuan Univ, China) Le Riche, Antoine (Univ Of Paris 8, France) Parent, Lei (Sichuan Univ, China) Zhang

Part of the Transformations In Banking, Finance And Regulation series


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This edited volume is based on original essays first presented at seminars in complexity economics, Sichuan University, China, in November 2018 and May 2019, and at the 12th International Conference on the Chinese Economy, University of Clermont-Ferrand, France, in October 2019.

It also includes three contributions written especially for this volume.

This research benefited from three French grants 'Hubert Curien Research Fellowship' (Program Campus France 2019, 2020, 2021).

All chapters assess the recent take-off of the Chinese economy from a historical perspective, enlarging the economic evidence that China's capitalism is a matter of institutional revolution.Institutional Change and China Capitalism aims to provide a radically new view of the rise of Chinese capitalism by drawing on recent developments in cliometrics and complexity economics, macroeconomic dynamics, network analysis and behavioral finance to illustrate the various facets of China's transition to capitalism.

The chapters within innovate the study of China's take-off using the frontier of research in institutional cliometrics and complexity economics.

Thus, the book is structured in three sections that seek to address - empirically, theoretically, and in terms of network structure, the profound institutional change that led China to progressively adopt capitalism.Together these papers attest to the vitality of current research in cliometrics and complexity economics.