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The Stud Hardback


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"She had something to ask of Spencer Smith. A favor of sorts. A proposition of sorts. A personal, very personal request. An unusual one, for sure."Jenna McCue wants a baby. Not something that the president of a large chain of successful department stores is used to asking for - and certainly not from her best friend's older brother. And yet, when you think about it, is it really such a big favor?

Spencer Smith's a professional adventurer - he might look on this as one.

After all, he'd be doing something he's never done before and it would only take a few minutes of his time with a test tube in a doctor's office. Spencer's not sure he wants to father a baby. But if he agrees, it won't be with test tubes or doctor's offices.

It will be the old-fashioned way . . . This is a first-time regular print hardcover edition of a title previously available as a mass market paperback.