Leaders Who Lust : Power, Money, Sex, Success, Legitimacy, Legacy, Hardback Book


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Among our greatest leaders are those driven by impulses they cannot completely control - by lust.

Lust is not, however, an abstraction, it has definition.

Definition that, given the impact of leaders who lust, is essential to extract.

This book identifies six types of lust with which leaders are linked: 1.

Power: the ceaseless craving to control. 2. Money: the limitless desire to accrue great wealth. 3. Sex: the constant hunt for sexual gratification. 4. Success: the unstoppable need to achieve. 5. Legitimacy: the tireless claim to identity and equity. 6. Legacy: the endless quest to leave a permanent imprint.

Each of the core chapters focuses on different lusts and features a cast of characters who bring lust to life.

In the real world leaders who lust can and often do have an enduring impact.

This book therefore is counterintuitive - it focuses not on moderation, but on immoderation.