Amazing Magic Tricks!, Hardback Book

Amazing Magic Tricks! Hardback


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This title features 25 fantastic ideas for crafty and crazy conjuring.

You can learn how to tie impossible knots, produce coins out of nowhere, read your friend's mind, suspend a hanky in mid-air, and predict the future!

It is ideal for ages 7 to 12, with simple tricks to begin with, and more sophisticated illusions for master magicians. 25 brilliant ideas and over 250 clear photographs show you what to do every step of the way.

It includes details about useful materials and equipment, as well as tips on presentation and performance style.

It offers everything you need to know to put on your very own magic show - including a grand goodbye finale.

Just saying the word 'magic' makes you feel that something wonderful is going to happen...and it will!

How do we know this? Because author Nick Huckleberry Beak is a magician, and he is going to show you how to do some of the best and funniest conjuring tricks around.

It takes just three things to make a magic show: an audience, a pocketful of good tricks and YOU!

A great magician does not need flashy wands, fluffy bunnies or expensive magic sets.

What you need is enthusiasm and practice.Almost all of the tricks in this book can be done using bits and pieces that you will find in your own home - from runaway ribbons to mysterious money. We know that you are going to have heaps of fun entertaining your friends and family with these illusions.

But be warned: once you start, your audience will keep on asking for more!