LANGUAGE HACKING SPANISH (Learn How to Speak Spanish - Right Away) : A Conversation Course for Beginners, Mixed media product Book

LANGUAGE HACKING SPANISH (Learn How to Speak Spanish - Right Away) : A Conversation Course for Beginners Mixed media product

Mixed media product

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Crack the Code and Get Fluent Faster!"I had to learn [a new language] in a handful of days for a TV interview.

I asked Benny for help and his advice was invaluable." - Tim Ferriss What if you could skip the years of study and jump right to speaking Spanish?

Sound crazy? No, it's language hacking. It's about learning what's indispensable, skipping what's not - and using what you've learned to have real conversations in Spanish - from day one!Unlike most traditional language courses that try to teach you the rules of a language, Language Hacking Spanish, shows you how to learn and speak Spanish immediately through proven memory techniques, unconventional shortcuts and conversation strategies perfect by one of the world's greatest language learners, Benny Lewis, aka the Irish Polyglot.

The Method Language Hacking takes a modern approach to language learning, blending the power of online social collaboration and the 80/20 principle of learning (Benny's ten #languagehacks show you how to achieve more with less!).

It focuses on the conversations and language that learners need to master right away, rather than presenting language in the order of difficulty like most courses.

This means you can start having conversations immediately. Course FeaturesEach of the 10 units culminates with a speaking mission that you can choose to share on the italki Language Hacking learner community ( where you can give and get feedback and extend your learning beyond the pages of the book.

The audio for this course is available for free on or from the Teach Yourself Library app. You don't need to go abroad to learn a language any more.