Bleach: Complete Series 15, DVD  DVD



The complete 15th series of the Japanese anime, comprising episodes 317-342.

Strange events throw the Soul Society into chaos as the shinigami seem to turn on one another.

A shadow from their past has returned seeking revenge and using his enemies' own power against them.

Meanwhile in the living world, Ichigo (voice of Masakazu Morita) and his friends encounter a girl who appears as if from nowhere and remembers very little.

They must help this stranger as well as their shinigami friends before the sinister plot against them reaches its climax.

The episodes are: 'Unusual Incident in Seireitei?! Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc!', 'Renji Vs Rukia?! Battle With Comrades!', 'Ichigo's Capture Net! Escape from Soul Society!', 'Gotei 13, Gathering in the Real World!', 'Showdown of Mutual Self, Ikkaku Vs Ikkaku!', 'Clash!

Rukia Vs Rukia!', 'Protect Ichigo! Nozomi's Determination', 'Recapture Seireitei! The Captains Move!', 'For the Sake of the Believers!

Byakuya Vs Hitsugaya!', 'The Two Hinamoris, Hitsugaya's Resolution', 'Pride of the Kuchiki Family!

Byakuya Vs Byakuya!', 'Defeat Kager?za! Shinigami, All-Out War!', 'The Forbidden Research...Nozomi's Hidden Secret!', 'I Want to Live...!

Nozomi's Zanpakut?', 'For the Sake of Fighting! The Awakening Nozomi!', 'The Most Evil Reigai, Appears in the Real World!', 'Destroy Nozomi?!

Genry?sai's Decision', 'The Depleting Reiatsu! Ichigo, Death Struggle of the Soul', 'Hiding in the Dangai?

Ichigo Is Alone?!', 'Pursue Kager?za! Technological Development Department, Infiltration!', 'The Developer of the Modified Souls', 'Kon's Thoughts, Nozomi's Thoughts', 'Protect Ichigo!

The Bonds of Friends!', 'Reigai Vs Original, The Fierce Fighting for Gambled Pride!', 'Invading Army Arc, Final Conclusion!' and 'Thank You'.


  • Format: DVD
  • Region: 2
  • Certification: (12)
  • EAN: 3700091029023
  • Catalogue number: KDVD2902
  • Studio: Manga Entertainment
  • Release date:
  • Genre: Unclassified
  • Colour: Colour


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