Blue Murder: The Complete Series 1-5, DVD  DVD


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Manchester-set ITV police drama starring Caroline Quentin as high-ranking detective DCI Janine Lewis.

Blending the gritty, fast pace of murder investigations with the warmth and chaos of family life, this series follows Lewis, who is passionately committed to her work and family, as she strives to balance the responsibilities of her high-pressured career with the demands of her four children.

Episodes comprise: 'Pilot (1)', 'Pilot (2)', 'Hit and Run', 'Up in Smoke', 'Fragile Relations', 'Lonely', 'Steady Eddie', 'Make Believe', 'The Spartacus Thing', 'In Deep', 'Not a Matter of Life and Death', 'Desperate Measures', 'Crisis Management', 'Having It All', 'Inside', 'Tooth and Claw', 'This Charming Man', 'Private Sins: Part 1' and 'Private Sins: Part 2'.