Can you tickle a ghost?, Board book Book

Can you tickle a ghost? Board book

Illustrated by Carrie Hennon

Part of the Touch Feel & Tickle! series

Board book

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"Ghost loves to tickle; he jumps out and shouts "Boo!" Can you tickle Ghost, before he tickles you?"Touch, feel, and tickle the Halloween characters in this interactive book that is full of playful spooky fun!From a ghost and a pumpkin to a vampire and a little black cat, there are four friendly Halloween characters for you to tickle on each page as you follow the felt trails with your finger.

Die-cuts in the pages reveal bright felt finger trails to touch, feel, and follow to tickle each character and make them giggle, laugh, and go "Boo!"The bright and bold illustrations will captivate young readers, who will want to touch, feel, and tickle the picture as they read the funny rhyming words.

The felt pages make these books light to hold and perfect for toddlers and children to pick up, read, and play with!