Homology Effects : Volume 46, Hardback Book

Homology Effects : Volume 46 Hardback

Part of the Advances in Genetics series


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Homology Effects offers contributions from an international panel of researchers whose aim has been both to introduce newcomers to the field of homology effects, and to bring colleagues up to date.

Topic coverage includes dosage compensation, X-inactivation, imprinting, paramutation, homology-dependent gene silencing, transvection, pairing-sensitive silencing, nuclear organization of chromosomes, DNA repair, quelling, RIP, RNAi and antisense biology, homology effects in ciliates, prion biology, and a discourse on the evolution of gene duplications. Advances in Genetics presents an eclectic mix of articles of use to all human and molecular geneticists.

They are written and edited by recognized leaders in the field and make this an essential series of books for anyone in the genetics field.