The Art of Positive Living : How to See the Good in Everyday Life, Hardback Book

The Art of Positive Living : How to See the Good in Everyday Life Hardback


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Positive thinking increases our self-confidence, helps us stay more open to new experiences, enhances our joy, and keeps us feeling energised and focused on our goals. In The Art of Positive Living, you'll discover the benefits of shifting your mindset to cultivate positive thinking so that you can strengthen your ability to see the good in life and remain hopeful even when times are tough.

We all experience moments of sadness and difficulty in our lives, but fortunately our ability to be resilient and remain optimistic in the face of bad news, loss and adversity is something we can develop and strengthen through positive thinking and mindfulness. This little collection of tips, inspirational quotes and reflections will help you find new strategies for:- crushing negative self-talk,- practicing self-acceptance,- experiencing gratitude,- finding joy in small moments,- moving more mindfully through your day,- and recharging your energy when life gets you down. This book will show you just how impactful it can be to take a few short moments to look on the bright side and will ultimately help to boost your mood and improve your overall wellbeing.


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