Car 54, Where Are You?: The Complete First Season, DVD  DVD

Car 54, Where Are You?: The Complete First Season DVD

Starring Joe E. Ross, Fred Gwynne, Paul Reed, Al Lewis, Beatrice Pons, Hank Garrett, Ruth Masters, Charlotte Rae, Albert Henderson, Nipsey Russell


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Comedy series which follows a pair of mismatched cops (Joe.

E Ross and Fred Gwynne) who regularly come up against their fair share of mishaps, both on and off the beat.

NYPD officers Francis Muldoon (Gwynne), a shy, clever bachelor, and Gunther Toody (Ross), a dim-witted but inquisitive character, are beloved in their community, the 53rd Precinct in the Bronx.

Trouble comes with the job, however, and they often find themselves taking centre stage in local calamities.