Sausage of the Future, Paperback / softback Book

Sausage of the Future Paperback / softback

Edited by Carolien Niebling

Paperback / softback

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A simple design object to overcome food scarcity. The sausage is one of mankind's first-ever designed food items.

A paragon of efficient butchery, it was designed to make the most of animal protein in times of scarcity, and dates back as far as 3300 BCE.

Today, the sausage remains a cornerstone of our food culture.

England alone has over 470 different types of breakfast sausages! Now, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), we are facing a serious shortage of protein-rich-food.

Meat, in particular, will be scarce. One reason for this is over-consumption: in today's world, we simply consume too many animal products.

So can we look to the sausage to provide a solution once again, in order to reduce the consumption of meat?

Can the use of new ingredients replace the meat and increase the diversity of our diets?

To answer these questions, a chef of molecular gastronomy, a master butcher and a designer have teamed up to look into sausage production techniques and potential new ingredients - like insects, nuts, and legumes - to create the "future sausage. ' This book takes the reader on a journey through all the building blocks of a sausage and presents lesser-known ingredients, carefully selected for their "future potential." AUTHOR: Carolien Niebling, born 1984, is a designer and researcher who specialises in food-related projects and lives and works in Lausanne.

She graduated ECAL Master in Product Design in 2014. 174 illustrations