The Classified Dossier - Sherlock Holmes and Mr Hyde, Hardback Book

The Classified Dossier - Sherlock Holmes and Mr Hyde Hardback


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A deftly crafted, scintillating mash-up of Victorian mystery and horror - Sherlock Holmes and Mr Hyde encounter villains with unfathomable, terrifying abilities... 1903. A darkness has descended on London. A series of grisly murders are uncovered, trophies taken, bodies arranged and soon there are whispers of Jack the Ripper's return. A new client arrives at Baker Street seeking Sherlock Holmes's help: Dr Jekyll claims his friend has been wrongfully accused of the hideous crimes, a friend called Mr Edward Hyde, whose very existence relies on a potion administered by the doctor himself. But the case becomes more complicated, more unsettling than simply proving Mr Hyde's innocence - for Holmes and Watson unearth beastly transformations, a killer who moves unseen, a secret organisation and then find a traitor in their midst...