Constitutional Law and Criminal Justice, Hardback Book

Constitutional Law and Criminal Justice Hardback


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Illuminating concepts in plain language, eliminating unnecessary legal jargon, and clarifying nuances in the law, this new edition of Constitutional Law and Criminal Justice simplifies understanding of the United States judicial system for those without advanced legal training.

It also provides a much-needed update by including decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States since the first edition as well as a discussion on the current makeup and policy of the Supreme Court. The Second Edition includes:Learning objectives added to each chapterAn extended discussion on the issue of "Does the United States have an unwritten constitution in addition to a written one?"Summary outlines of recent Supreme Court decisionsRevisions to all chapters in accordance with Supreme Court decisions since the first editionEdits to cases and excerpts to enhance understanding of the materialA summary added to each chapterThe book begins with an overview of the Bill of Rights, followed by an examination of the components of the judiciary.

It moves on to a discussion of due process, the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments, and the exclusionary rule.

Additional chapters address civil liability and the criminal justice professional as well as the impact of terrorism on the right of habeas corpus.

Review questions and relevant cases in each chapter illustrate legal applications of each topic.

With a balanced approach of illustration, clarity, and conciseness, Constitutional Law and Criminal Justice, Second Edition is a remarkable improvement upon its predecessor.

It gives you the key information to understand the most important issues regarding the Constitution and its application in the judicial system.


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