Stay, Little Seed, Hardback Book

Stay, Little Seed Hardback

Illustrated by Philip Giordano


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"A cute, sentimental tale that will appeal to those who love The Giving Tree"--School Library JournalAdults and children alike will delight in this heartwarming and visually powerful picture book, which shares a timeless story about love, connection, and finding the courage to grow tall on one's own. Every year when the wind blows, the tree's seeds sail away to a mysterious place-until one little seed decides to stay.

At first, the tree supposes the seed should leave. How else would it grow roots to rise tall and strong?

But the tree is also lonely, and the mysterious place is far, far away.

Will the seed be safe on its own?Stay, Little Seed celebrates the rhythms of the natural world and shares a gentle message for all of us, no matter our age: Sometimes, by letting go and being brave, we begin life's greatest adventures. "Careful nurturing begets the launch into the unknown: Valentini celebrates both as natural and fitting."-Kirkus Reviews"Both children and adult readers will identify with [Stay Little Seed's] timeless themes, from the joy in comforting familial bonds to the growth that can only happen with independence."-Booklist"A charming and quietly profound story, Stay, Little Seed encourages readers to be courageous enough to let go and experience new adventures in life."-Books to Borrow, Books to Buy