Caesar: Civil War (C. Iuli Caesaris commentarii de bello civili), Hardback Book

Caesar: Civil War (C. Iuli Caesaris commentarii de bello civili) Hardback

Edited by Cynthia (Professor of Classical Studies, Professor of Classical Studies, University of Pennsy Damon

Part of the Oxford Classical Texts series


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Oxford Classical Texts, also known as Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis, provide authoritative, clear, and reliable editions of ancient texts, with apparatus criticus on each page.

In this revised critical edition of Caesar's account of his civil war against Pompey during 49-48 BC, Damon allows readers to get closer to the renowned author's original writings than ever before.

Based on a new collation of the ancient manuscriptsand on a stemma that permits the reconstruction of the archetype more frequently than has previously been possible, the text is suitable for classroom use in upper-level Latin classes, as well as for reading and research purposes.

A comprehensive English preface is followed by a conspectus editionum, which lists the 300+ places where modern editions of the text differ from each other, while the Latin text is complemented by an expanded and up-to-date critical apparatus.

Also included are an appendix critica which allows readers to gauge the character of the manuscript witnesses to the text, and an appendix orthographica which explains the orthographical principles underlying the printed text. This Oxford Classical Text is also accompanied by a companion volume, Studies on the Text of Caesar's Bellum civile, which presents the detailed philological arguments underpinning this revised edition.