Born to be Wild : How Baby Animals Survive and Thrive, Hardback Book

Born to be Wild : How Baby Animals Survive and Thrive Hardback


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Discover how adorable baby animals survive in the wild with this entertaining read for children aged 9+ all about the animal kingdom!Have you ever wondered what it's like for baby animals to learn how to roar, swim or fly for the first time?

Well, now you can! Born To Be Wild explores the vast complexities of growing up in the animal kingdom, where everything feels like new.

This unique read goes where no book has gone by delving into the countless ways baby animals survive in the wild.

Jam-packed with awe-inspiring facts about baby animals across the entire animal kingdom, from chimpanzees to cheetahs, hippos to humpback whales and more.

Celebrate your child's curiosity as they soar into the pages of this fascinating animal book to explore: -Packed with amazing facts about babies from across the animal kingdom -Beautiful double-page images of adorable cubs, chicks, kits, and calves -Covers subjects such as animal behaviour, interaction with siblings and parents, learning, feeding, and hunting -Explores the perilous hazards that animals must face to mature into independent adults -Diagrams and illustrations explain the biology of how animals are adapted to their habitats -Extensive information and step-by-step features on "firsts" e.g. a tiger cub taking its first steps- Feature spreads hone in on unique animals, e.g. male seahorses that give birth to and look after their babiesThe only book on the market for children aged 9+ to focus on young animals and how they are adapted to survive in the wild, Born To Be Wild comprises gorgeous photographs of baby bears, lions and tigers, marsupials, birds and marine mammals, whilst charting the stages of development for baby animals, from dependency to independence, and looks at why some animals cling to their mothers for many months, while others must learn to fend for themselves almost as soon as they are born. Calling all animal lovers aged 9+, this informative step-by-step encyclopaedia explores the particular stages of learned animal behaviour, such as how a lion cub learns to stalk its prey.

Further encompassing the key themes in a young animal's life: from birth and the very first days of life, to learning to hunt and feed, senses and communication, habitat and adaptation, as well as the fun-filled playtime. A perfect balance between learning and fun, parents can also join the journey to the animal kingdom, and read this beautiful and informative book alongside little ones!


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