The Guide to Suffolk Churches, Paperback / softback Book

The Guide to Suffolk Churches Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Suffolk is a county renowned for the beauty of its many parish churches, but for the average visitor the physical language in which they speak, that of stained glass, engraved fonts, and hammer-beamed roofs, is bewildering.

Now available in an updated, single volume, the Guide to Suffolk Churches provides a way into this fascinating world, its architecture and history.

From bells to pulpits to centuries-old graffiti found in window sills, each church unfolds from sealed tome to open book in Mortlockís hands.

Accompanying the entries there is an extensive glossary/index and two useful appendices.

From carvings of woodwoses to weeping chancels, the meaning of idiosyncracies and uniformities alike across the county are laid out in clear, engaging prose.

New photographs, line drawings, and a detailed map ensure that neither the greatest of artefacts nor the smallest of churches can be accidentally overlooked.

Written in a voice as knowledgeable as it is enthusiastic about Suffolk and its churches, the guide is incomparable in both the thoroughness and charm with which it unlocks more than one thousand years of history across the countyís hundreds of churches.

There is no visit to any parish church in Suffolk, no matter how well informed the visitor, that would not be more enjoyable and informative for having Mortlock along.


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