Debacle : A History of America in the 21st Century, Hardback Book

Debacle : A History of America in the 21st Century Hardback


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Nationalism has been demonized by the media and many unsuspecting Americans as synonymous with exclusion, racism, and bigotry. They have maligned President Trump's populist, America-first attitude as neo-Nazi, white-supremacist, and demonic. Is there a rational case for nationalism?

American Nationalism presents a clear and unapologetic case for nationalism. Daniel McCarthy, prominent editor and journalist, takes a historical and philosophical approach to American nationalism, showing that nationalism is not a threat to democracy, but is entirely consistent with our founding principles of liberty, human rights, and the rule of law. He also argues that Trump's nationalism is exactly what the United States needs to survive in today's global environment.

In this straightforward book, McCarthy reveals:

  • How free markets and human rights depend on American power, not globalism
  • How the United States stands as the most successful example of western civilization combining human dignity, the rule of law, and freedom
  • How past figures in American history created a complicated legacy for both nationalism and liberalism today
  • How religion serves as a cornerstone of great nations and civilizations

Daniel McCarthy's first book provides a compelling case that American conservatives should embrace nationalism as a proper defense of the nation state, and work to prevent nationalism from becoming mere statism.