Creativity in Engineering : Novel Solutions to Complex Problems, Hardback Book

Creativity in Engineering : Novel Solutions to Complex Problems Hardback

Part of the Explorations in Creativity Research series


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Creativity is like an iceberg - the resulting new idea, or novel solution is only 10% of the effort. The other 90% is the complex interplay of thinking skills and strategies, personal and motivational properties that activate these skills and strategies, and the social and organizational factors of the environment that influence the creative process. Creativity in Engineering focuses on the Process, Person, Product, and Place to understand when and why creativity happens in the engineering environment and how it can be further encouraged. Special Features: Applies findings in creativity research to the engineering arenaDefines engineering creativity and differentiates it from innovationDiscusses personality and motivational factors that impact creativityClarifies the role of creativity in the design processDetails the impact of thinking skills and strategies in creativityIdentifies the role the organization and environment plays in encouraging creativity