The Wizard of Oz FAQ : All That's Left to Know About Life, According to Oz, Paperback / softback Book

The Wizard of Oz FAQ : All That's Left to Know About Life, According to Oz Paperback / softback

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Paperback / softback

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EThe Wizard of Oz FAQE is a fact-filled celebration of the beloved 1939 fantasy masterpiece starring Judy Garland.

It's all here a from L. Frank Baum and his Oz novels to the complete background story of the movie's conception development and shoot with special attention given to the little-known parade of uncredited directors casting difficulties and on-set accidents and gaffes as well as more than 75 sidebars devoted to key cast members directors and other behind-the-scenes personnel.THYou'll find a wealth of fun facts: How MGM overworked Judy Garland before during and after Oz; why director Victor Fleming had his hands full with the Cowardly Lion and Dorothy's other friends; what it was about Toto that really bothered Judy; the physical horrors of filming in Technicolor; the racial Oz gag that was scripted but never shot; when the Wicked Witch was going to be beautiful; why EThe Wizard of OzE owes a lot to silent-screen star Mary Pickford; the story of deleted scenes and a full two weeks of shooting that had to be scrapped; why MGM star Mickey Rooney was part of the movie's traveling publicity blitz; how the Wicked Witch was literally blown off her broomstick one day; the place where lions tigers and bears really do live together; singers you hear but never see; the day MGM fired Judy Garland; and much more.

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