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Enemy Lines CD-Audio

Part of the Gallifrey series


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A brand new self-contained political science fiction thriller across six episodes.

In the distant future, President Romanadvoratrelundar will do anything it takes to save her world, even if it means sacrificing her allies and friends...In the distant past, President Romanadvoratrelundar will also do anything it takes to save her world, even if it means sacrificing her own life in the process...Unfortunately for Romana, there is no easy option.

With the threat of impending war, and negotiations still ongoing, the Temporal Powers are growing restless.

Every day, they find their future slipping away from them.

Every decision they make proves critical. And no one can escape the fact that sacrifices have to be made.

Time is running out...and it's running straight to Gallifrey.The eighth series of Big Finish's hugely popular spin-off from the main Doctor Who range, set on the Doctor's homeworld Gallifrey.

Sophie Aldred plays the Doctor's companion Ace, finally on Gallifrey as was initially intended for the character in 1989's Doctor Who.

Louise Jameson and Lalla Ward played the Doctor's companions Leela and Romana respectively opposite Tom Baker in the late 1970s.They've since reprised their much-loved characters for Big Finish across a wide number of stories. CAST: Lalla Ward (Romana), Louise Jameson (Leela), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Sean Carlsen (Narvin), Miles Richardson (Braxiatel), Celia Imrie (Livia), Tom Allen (Plutus), George Watkins (Gaal), Hannah Genesius (Trave).