Earth Materials : Components of a Diverse Planet, Hardback Book

Earth Materials : Components of a Diverse Planet Hardback


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There is a large and growing need for a textbook that can form the basis for integrated classes that look at minerals, rocks, and other Earth materials.

Despite the need, no high-quality book is available for such a course.

Earth Materials is a wide-ranging undergraduate textbook that covers all the most important kinds of (inorganic) Earth materials.

Besides traditional chapters on minerals and rocks, this book features chapters on sediments and stratigraphy, weathering and soils, water and the hydrosphere, and mineral and energy deposits.

Introductions to soil mechanics and rock mechanics are also included. This book steers away from the model of traditional encyclopedic science textbooks, but rather exposes students to the key and most exciting ideas and information, with an emphasis on thinking about Earth as a system.

The book is written in such a manner as to support inquiry, discovery and other forms of active learning.

All chapters start with a short topical story or vignette, and the plentiful photographs and other graphics are integrated completely with the text. Earth Materials will be interesting and useful for a wide range of learners, including geoscience students, students taking mineralogy and petrology courses, engineers, and anyone interested in learning more about the Earth as a system.


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