Lessons Learned from the Men I Have Loved & a Few I Loathe, Paperback Book

Lessons Learned from the Men I Have Loved & a Few I Loathe Paperback


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There are good men and bad men out there. I have loved and learned from both. The most important lesson I learned is that a man should be judged by the way he makes you feel, not by the way he looks, the size of his bank account, his hands, or his feet.

After you've read Lessons Learned, perhaps you will understand why I tend to shy away from rich, powerful men who treat women like trophies on their arms, or the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks, neither of which I am content to be.

Give me a blue-collar worker that treats me like the queen of his universe, please!

As for you, my dear readers, go forth and strive to make your mate, your partner, your lover, your spouse, or your child feel like the most remarkable person on the planet, and they will respond ten-fold.

If you have not as yet found that absolute match, that perfect person, your soulmate (I know it seems cliche but believe me, soulmates do exist; I know, I found mine), perhaps my lessons will help you find him or her before your time on this amazing Earth runs out.

But most importantly, I hope you learn to be good to yourself.

Look on the bright side. Love like there is no tomorrow. Make your dream a reality. Write that book. Run that marathon. Eat that cake. (Sorry, that was for me, there's some in the fridge).


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