Understand: Dare: Thrive : How to have your best career from today, Paperback / softback Book

Understand: Dare: Thrive : How to have your best career from today Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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In a world where women continue to face additional challenges to men, 'Understand: Dare: Thrive' delves into the underlying causes of this enduring reality and provides the insights and answers women need to enable them to thrive, across their whole working life.

Businesswoman, psychologist and social entrepreneur Diana Parkes draws upon her signature skills for cutting-through complexity, providing a roadmap to understand what is necessary to achieve your career goals.

By exploring how success can be obtained for women in all industries, the book picks apart gender stereotypes and demonstrates how it is possible to thrive in any position, whether entry level or leadership.

The book uses powerful scientific research to blow apart myths about the reasons that men and women's careers differ.

It shares deep insights about human psychology, enabling us to understand the fundamental causes of gender inequality and the reasons why inequalities in workplaces persist.

Everything imparted will enable you to anticipate, prevent or circumnavigate challenging situations and move towards what you always wanted to achieve.

By utilising the real life experiences of over 45 ordinary women, we see journeys from all walks of life.

They all forged success across a wide range of fields, living the same daily reality most women experience: limited time, scarce resources and tricky choices.

While drive, resilience and emotional intelligence were their common foundation strengths, this book brings together the power of the 900 years of contemporary career success they shared - setting out pathways to achieve your dreams, no matter the odds. * * * 'Very informative and comprehensive, covering all the multi-layer issues affecting women in the workplace.

It distils the experience of so many women and provides practical ways of tackling some of the big issues that are holding women back.' - Mandy Garner, Editor of Workingmums.co.uk 'A marvellous read, full of honesty, great research and powerful methods to change our core beliefs for more success at work and in life.' - Rachel Gibson, professional musician