Innovation in Healthy and Functional Foods, Hardback Book


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The focus of food science and technology has shifted from previous goals of improving food safety and enhancing food taste toward providing healthy and functional foods.

Today's consumers desire foods that go beyond basic nutrition-foods capable of promoting better health, or even playing a disease-prevention role.

To meet this need for innovation, academic research must be combined with the development and commercialization strategies of industry.

Innovation in Healthy and Functional Foods brings together this knowledge, with contributions from experts in biological science, food science, engineering, marketing, regulation, law, finance, sustainability, and management. Focusing on functional foods that have components added-such as omega-3, probiotics, and protein-to provide health benefits, this book presents various aspects of the innovation process.

These include consumer insights, trends in developed and developing markets, and technological advances in functional foods and ingredients.

It also addresses the key drivers of food industry innovation-affordability, sustainability, and tightening government regulations.

Chapters cover characteristics of various markets around the world; consumer perception; food processing, packaging, and ingredients; innovation in functional ingredients; and functional ingredient delivery. Given the importance and challenges of getting functional food products into the marketplace, this book also covers the business aspects of innovation in food science, including marketing, financial implications, and commercial feasibility.

Additionally, contributors provide insights into future trends, such as food tourism, nanotechnology, sustainability, and globalization.

Bringing together expertise from academia and industry, this text provides an overview of contemporary food science, with wisdom and know-how in both innovation and commercialization, placing functional foods in a broader context for readers.