Unravelling Plant-Microbe Synergy, Paperback / softback Book

Paperback / softback

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Unravelling Plant-Microbe Synergy focuses on agriculturally important microorganisms (AIM's) that are indigenous to soil and roots of the plant.

These microbes contributing to nutrient balance, growth regulators, suppressing pathogens, alleviate stress response, orchestrating immune response and improving crop performance as they are offering sustainable and alternative solutions to the use of chemicals in agriculture.

As plant microbe synergy is an enthralling subject, is multidisciplinary in nature, and concerns scientists involved in applied, and environmental microbiology and plant health and plant protection, Unravelling Plant-Microbe Synergy is an ideal resource that emphasizes the current trends of, and probable future of, microbes mediated amelioration of abiotic and biotic stress, agriculture sustainability, induced systemic tolerance and plant health protection.

Unravelling Plant-Microbe Synergy discloses the microbial interaction for stress management and provides a better understanding to know the recent mechanisms to cope these environmental stresses.

Unravelling Plant-Microbe Synergy bridges the gap in recent advances in the microbes interaction and rhizosphere engineering.