Disasters Collection, DVD  DVD

Disasters Collection DVD

Directed by Kreg Lauterbach


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Triple bill of documentaries considering the future of humanity. '2012: The Final Prophecy' (2009), made to coincide with the release of the Hollywood blockbuster by Roland Emmerich, is a National Geographic programme exploring the validity of the Mayan doomsday scenario and provides a scientific explanation of what has been prophesied to occur in 2012. 'Lost Book of Nostradamus' (2007) examines the discovery of an unknown manuscript of Nostradamus's paintings dating back to 1629.

In the Italian National Library in 1994 a book was discovered by Italian journalist Enza Massa containing many watercolours painted by the prophet.

This programme questions what meanings may lie within the images and if they are relevant to the present day. 'Life After People' (2008) envisions what a future world will look like once human life has disappeared.

Utilising experts' knowledge combined with state-of-the-art special effects, the film paints a portrait of an Earth where nature gradually reclaims the land, reversing the march of civilisation and causing buildings to crumble and fall.