Study of Navajo Concha Belts, Hardback Book

Study of Navajo Concha Belts Hardback


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The first comprehensive, exclusive study of Navajo concha belts, this extraordinary reference work is poised to be by far the most in-depth authority on the subject.

Although most books about Southwestern Indian jewelry do include concha belts peripherally, this focused research by expert Donald P.

Richards serves as a truly invaluable resource. An incredible breadth of information covers not only the physical but the human history of these unique belts: influences on southwestern art styles; materials, tools, and techniques; maker and age identification; determining authenticity; concha belts depicted in art; and even modern methods to determine metal composition by X-ray fluorescence (XRF).

In addition to Navajo styles, it also includes related styles from the Zunis, Hopis, Pueblos, and the Plains Indians, plus selected related Asian examples-all of which were collected from 51 sources in 14 states and 3 foreign countries.

An extensive belt catalog details 400+ individual belts, making this an extraordinary, long-awaited reference for collectors, galleries, and private dealers.