Crisis Ahead : 101 Ways to Prepare for and Bounce Back From Disasters, Scandals, and Other Emergencies, Paperback / softback Book

Crisis Ahead : 101 Ways to Prepare for and Bounce Back From Disasters, Scandals, and Other Emergencies Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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How many splashy scandals and crisis situations have befallen companies and public figures in the past week alone?

How did the organizations and people at the center of those crises manage the situation?

Did they survive with their reputations intact or are they facing an ongoing public nightmare that keeps building on itself in the era of social media?This new book from veteran public relations expert Edward Segal is based on the following premise: it's not a matter of IF a scandal or crisis will hit, it's WHEN.

How a company deals with it will have lasting impact on their reputation, profits, and more.

But for most organizations, when a crisis hits, they're caught off guard and ill-prepared.

While essential, crisis plans are worthless unless properly executed, as the stories and examples featured throughout Crisis Ahead attest.

Edward Segal's vivid and memorable accounts underscore the benefits of practicing and updating crisis plans at least once a year.

The book also provides a template for creating a customizable crisis management plan. Crisis Ahead is for CEOs, senior staff, corporate communication professionals, HR and legal teams, boards of directors, and front-line employees who need to know what to do in the moment: what levers to pull and what moves to make in real time when faced with a crisis, scandal, or disaster.

This book is written with the need for speed in mind.

It's concise and practical with a light touch and occasional humor to help people on the front lines prepare for, survive, and bounce back from a crisis.

It includes dozens of anecdotes, stories, and lessons about how companies, organizations, and individuals - ranging from Amazon, Apple, and the European Union, to Disney, Starbucks, and entrepreneur Elon Musk - have prepared for, created, managed, and communicated about crisis situations.


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