All About Language : Science, Theory, and Practice, Hardback Book

All About Language : Science, Theory, and Practice Hardback

Edited by Elena L. Grigorenko, Peggy McCardle, Yuri Shtyrov

Part of the Extraordinary Brain series


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What do we know today about the development of human language, and what future research will help improve diagnosis of disorders and ensure effective intervention?

Explore the answers in this comprehensive volume: an in-depth study of both oral and written forms of language, both typical and atypical language development, and the evolutionary, biological, sociocultural, and cognitive factors that affect literacy acquisition. Based on presentations from a joint meeting of the 16th Extraordinary Brain Symposium and the conference All About Language, which was hosted and supported by St.

Petersburg State University, Russia, this volume combines cutting-edge research, insights, questions, and recommendations from more than 40 respected contributors.

Readers will explore key topics such ashow infants learn and build a body of wordswhat eye tracking can tell us about reading developmentwhether language impairments are inheritedhow early intervention promotes language acquisition in children with autism spectrum disorderwhat role executive function plays in both reading development and disordershow students with reading difficulties respond to interventionhow reading disabilities are identified in children learning English as a second languagewhat recent studies say about the relationship between spoken and written languagehow telehealth can make language interventions more accessibleEssential reading for researchers, specialists, and future professionals, this book expertly synthesizes our current knowledge about language and literacy development-and highlights the knowledge gaps we need to fill to support better outcomes for children.