Canonic Texts in Media Research : Are There Any? Should There Be? How About These?, Hardback Book

Canonic Texts in Media Research : Are There Any? Should There Be? How About These? Hardback

Edited by Elihu Katz, John Durham Peters, Tamar Liebes, Avril Orloff


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ARE THERE ANY? Many of us have our own canonic texts -- the kind that wona t go away.

We tell them that their time has passed, that ita s embarrassing theya re still around, but they turn up repeatedly on our reading lists and in our bibliographies.

They inspire us, haunt us, argue with us ---- but they wona t leave.

Typically, we keep them to ourselves. SHOULD THERE BE? Of course there should be, and therea s no reason to hide them.

Canons (and saints) should be shared, because they define fields and communities.

These texts are not simply monuments, however. They are alive and breathing, standing the test of time by shedding old meanings and assuming new ones.

The minimal care they need -- occasional brushing off and bulb--changing -- is well worth the trouble.

HOW ABOUT THESE? The field of media studies is now more than 50 years old, and the contributors to this volume offer their own candidates for canonization.

Each of the thirteen essays in the book presents a critical reading of one of these classics and debates its candidacy.

You are invited to disagree. The texts are summarized, analysed and re--examined for their contemporary relevance. They are grouped together in schools (Chicago, Columbia, Frankfurt, Toronto, British Cultural Studies) to highlight the different perspectives that characterize the field.

This book offers thirteen pairs of shoulders to stand on, the better to see the field of media studies.

It will serve as an excellent teaching text for advanced students in communications and media and cultural studies.