Investigations in Philosophy of Space, Hardback Book

Investigations in Philosophy of Space Hardback

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The central contribution of Stroeker's investigations is a careful and strict analysis of the relationship between experienced space, Euclidean space, and non-Euclidean spaces.

Her study begins with the question of experienced space, inclusive of mood space, space of action and perception, of practical activities and bodily orientations, and ends with the controversies of the proponents of geometric and mathematical understanding of space.

Within the context of experienced space, Stroeker includes historical discussions of place, topology, depth, perspectivity, homogeneity, orientation, and the questions of empty and full spaces.

Her investigation concludes that any strict analysis of space must be founded upon an unavoidable ontology. Philosophical Investigations of Space addresses a number of methodological controversies.

It tests the limitations of a variety of scientific, phenomenological, geometric, and logical methods in order to demonstrate limitations of both methodology and underlying assumption.

In addition to the richness of her historical and systematic discussion, Stroeker's work is a model of thoroughly documented philosophical scholarship and conceptual precision.