Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep: Baaad Hair Day, Hardback Book

Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep: Baaad Hair Day Hardback

Illustrated by Eric Barclay


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If you've ever wanted a perfect reason to say: You've pulled the wool over my eyes-it's here!

It's a brand-new picture book adventure with Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep that's perfect for kids who love animals, laughter, and screwball comedy!Meet Sheep: Sheep loves styling her full and fluffy wool-but when it grows too full and too fluffy, it covers her eyes, and that's when she trips over things-ouch!

Luckily, it's shearing day. But Sheep doesn't want to give up her fabulous curls!

Can Sheep Dog convince Sheep that a haircut is for the best?Eric Barclay writes and illustrates these irresistible tales and always hits all the right notes.

Kids howl, parents and teachers howl, and even the coyotes howl!