Espionage: The Complete Series, DVD  DVD


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All 24 episodes of the early 1960s anthology series following various spies around the world, real and fictional, as they go about their business.

Episodes are: 'A Covenant With Death', 'The Incurable One', 'The Gentle Spies', 'He Rises On Sunday and We On Monday', 'To the Very End', 'The Dragon Slayer', 'The Whistling Shrimp', 'The Light of a Friendly Star', 'Festival of Pawns', 'A Camel to Ride', 'Never Turn Your Back On a Friend', 'Medal for a Turned Coat', 'The Final Decision', 'Do You Remember Leo Winters?', 'We the Hunted', 'Frantick Rebel', 'Castles in Spain', 'Snow On Mount Kama', 'Once a Spy...', 'The Liberators', 'Some Other Kind of World', 'A Free Agent' and 'A Tiny Drop of Poison'.