Ferrari Engines Enthusiasts' Manual : 15 Iconic Ferrari Engines from 1947 to the Present, Hardback Book

Ferrari Engines Enthusiasts' Manual : 15 Iconic Ferrari Engines from 1947 to the Present Hardback


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This lavishly produced book provides unique photographic insight into the design and engineering of 15 landmark Ferrari road-car engines, documenting the `inside view’ of the engines – each one a mechanical work of art. Photographer and journalist Francesco Reggiani has been granted a `back-stage pass’ at various engineering specialists working on the restoration and servicing of Cavallino Rampante engines, taking photographs to document the restoration of some of the most beautiful Ferraris built by the Maranello factory.

During these assignments, he became fascinated by the aesthetic appeal and engineering of the engines – the pulsating hearts of the cars which they power – as he photographed them both dismantled and assembled. Beginning with the first-generation Ferrari V12 engine fitted to the 195 Inter in 1949, and progressing through V6s, normally aspirated and turbocharged V8s and flat-12s to the latest 6.3-litre V12 fitted to the four-wheel-drive FF, the engines are documented in detail, with photographs of the components, assembled engines, and the cars in which they are fitted.

A history and technical overview is provided for each engine and car featured, along with engine specifications, taking the reader on a journey through the history of Ferrari’s engineering progress and technical innovation. Essential reading for car enthusiasts, particularly fans of the Ferrari marque, those interested in engineering, and anybody who appreciates the mechanical artistry of Ferrari’s superbly engineered engines


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