The Secret Life of Doris Melnick, Paperback / softback Book

The Secret Life of Doris Melnick Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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If you love entertainment that makes you laugh out loud while highlighting the absurdity in issues that are actually pretty serious, then you'll be a big fan of this illustrated satirical fiction that is a poignant illustrated story about an aging woman's life as she reflects on passing her years in anonymity. 'Doris? You asked me who was Doris?' And then I remembered. 'Doris was the woman who worked one of our cash registers at FoodWorld, forever and maybe even longer.

But nobody knew a thing about her, or even wanted to because she was plain as a post, always kept to herself, with buttoned lip saying nothing. And then we guessed one day she must be dead because for a whole week she wasn't there at the Cash.

Till we heard rumor she'd left behind her house to someone she'd never known, who'd found in the house this journal full of crazy stories Doris had written, and piles and piles of drawings and paintings so fantastic you'd never believe anyone could see herself like that.

The secret life of Doris Melnick! The woman not one of us knew though she'd been there all that time.

So what does that mean, I wonder?' - Statement by Alice Geerson, FoodWorld clerk