Chemical Sensors, Vol 3: Solid State Devices, Hardback Book

Chemical Sensors, Vol 3: Solid State Devices Hardback


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Chemical sensors are integral to the automation of myriad industrial processes and everyday monitoring of such activities as public safety, engine performance, medical therapeutics, and many more.

This 4 volume reference work covering simulation and modeling will serve as the perfect complement to Momentum Press's 6 volume reference works "Chemical Sensors: Fundamentals of Sensing Materials" and "Chemical Sensors: Comprehensive Sensor Technologies", which present detailed information related to materials, technologies, construction and application of various devices for chemical sensing. Volume 3: Solid State Devices covers phenomenological and molecular modelling of processes which control sensing characteristics and parameters of various solid state chemical sensors including surface acoustic wave, MIS, microcantilever, thermoelectric-based devices and sensor array aimed for electronic nose design.

Modeling of nanomaterials and nanosystems promising for solid state chemical sensors design is analyzed as well.